Frequently Asked Questions about DJI

  • DJI consists of a head office, three divisions and a number of national services. The head office is located in the city of The Hague.


    • prison administration/immigration detention 
    • forensic care/correctional institutions for juvenile offenders
    • individual affairs

    National services

    • Transport and Support Service (DV&O)
    • Spiritual Care Service (DGV)
    • Netherlands Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP)
    • Shared Service Centres for IT, finances, procurement, personnel management and advice
    • DJI Training Institute(DJI OI)
    • Security and Integrity Office (BV&I)
  • DJI has 38 locations, different types of institutions for various categories of inmates and patients:

    • remand centre for adults held in pre-trial detention or serving short-term sentences 
    • prison for adults convicted of an offence
    • correctional institution for juvenile offenders, young people convicted of an offence, between 12 and 18 years of age, up to a maximum of 23 years old
    • forensic psychiatric centre for adults who have been convicted and require psychiatric care (patients)
    • detention centre for foreign nationals living illegally in the Netherlands, foreign nationals who have been refused entry at the border and for drugs couriers
  • Detainee is the name we use for all people detained in the institutions of DJI. The different categories of detainees are:

    • adults awaiting trial 
    • adults who have been convicted 
    • juveniles awaiting trial 
    • juveniles who have been convicted 
    • adults who need psychiatric treatment or care 
    • illegal foreign nationals or foreign nationals refused entry at the border
  • Average cost per day per place:

    • place in a prison/remand centre € 245 
    • place in a correctional institution for juvenile offenders € 607 
    • place in a forensic psychiatric centre € 508 
    • place of care in a prison € 439 
    • place of care in a healthcare institution* € 324 
    • place in an detention centre for foreign nationals € 211

    * for example a psychiatric hospital

  • A cell in a prison, remand centre or detention centre must be at least 5 x 2 metres and is 2.5 metres high. Correctional institution for juvenile offenders and forensic psychiatric centres have rooms instead of cells. 

  • Adult inmates are detained for an average period of 97 days. 59% are released within a month. 35% stay between 1 and 12 months and 6% stay longer than 1 year. 33 inmates are serving life sentences.

    On average, juvenile offenders stay for 5.5 months. Patients stay for an average of 7.5 years. Foreign nationals are held in immigration detention for an average period of 70 days.

  • Every year, 37,500 new detainees are admitted. On average, there are 10,000 detainees in detention on any given day. Of these, 92% are men and 8% women.